9 Point Plan
for Managing Community Transmission of COVID-19


The Maplewood Senior Living 9-Point Plan is an evidence-based roadmap for our communities to use in the fight against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The Plan evolves over time, is based on the most current science, and reflects guidelines issued by the state departments of health and the CDC.

  1. Data-driven Decisions
    • All decision making and transmission management approaches are evidence-based and driven by current scientific knowledge and established best-practices
    • We collaborate regularly with health systems, public health departments, and local, state and national organizations to ensure our practices are continually aligned with those entities
    • We use State Department of Health and CDC guidelines to guide our policies, procedures and protocols and we adapt them as guidelines change over time

  2. Mitigation 
    • Employee/visitor health screening upon entry; temp checks on entry and exit
    • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the building
    • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing policy
    • Regular training of associates on infection control, universal precautions, transmission-based precautions and hand hygiene
    • Antimicrobial hand soap in every apartment
    • Frequent cleaning of surfaces, floors, and furniture
    • Residents wear masks (as tolerated) when around others or in public spaces
    • Staff wear masks at all times except during meal breaks in designated areas or when alone in private offices
    • Modified visitation practices
    • Physical distancing whenever possible
    • Fully stocked PPE, sanitation and medical supplies

  3. Surveillance  
    • Frequent assessment of resident health status including any changes in baseline condition
    • For ANY change in condition, Covid-19 is considered a potential cause and testing is immediately discussed with resident, family and PCP
    • Constant staff self-monitoring for onset of symptoms and expectation to report immediately
    • Staff with ANY symptoms do not report to work and are tested ASAP when indicated 

  4. Testing  
    • Policy is to test early, test often, and test broadly as clinically indicated and feasible
    • New residents are tested before and after move-in per policy
    • Residents are tested when clinically indicated per policy (change of condition, new-onset symptoms, known or potential exposure, return from MLOA, community surveillance, outbreaks, etc.)
    • New hires are PCR tested prior to starting work
    • All staff are tested at minimum every 2 weeks, or more frequently if indicated, or as required by state DPH or Executive Order

  5. Isolation  
    • Symptomatic residents are isolated in their apartments and placed on transmission-based precautions immediately
    • Covid positive residents are placed on isolation and droplet precautions until they clear their time or symptom-based isolation period per CDC guidelines and MSL policy
    • Residents on isolation are cared for by well-trained staff who have proper PPE
    • The number of staff entering into isolation apartments is minimized

  6. Containment  
    • Confirmed or suspected residents are transferred out of the building when possible and appropriate based on clinical condition and ability to safely isolate and follow all isolation protocols
    • Confirmed or suspected residents may require a private-duty aide when indicated
    • Confirmed residents may be contained in designated sections of the building when feasible
    • Cross contamination is minimized by dedicating staff and minimizing movement of staff around the facility as much as possible
    • Covid-free sections of any building with confirmed cases are segregated when possible 

  7. Contact Tracing  
    • We identify residents and staff with known or suspected Covid-19 and their contacts and work with them to interrupt disease transmission
    • As indicated, residents or staff who have been in close contact with any suspected or confirmed case are identified, quarantined and tested

  8. Quarantine  
    • We request that residents quarantine according to state mandates and MSL policy when clinically indicated
    • Staff are quarantined at home when indicated for symptoms, exposure or confirmed infection according to MSL policy

  9. Education, Communication and Accountability  
    • We routinely educate residents, staff and family members about this 9-Point Plan, our Safer Together Program and our infection control policies, procedures and protocols
    • We communicate often about the status of our communities and new guidelines, state mandates or regulations, and changes to our operating procedures
    • We hold our associates accountable to abide by our policies and evidence-based best practices

Safer Together 
UPDATED 10/27/20

Keeping our residents, associates and families healthy and safe by working together.

With quarantines being lifted and restrictions loosening up there is an increased risk of exposure, infection and community transmission of Covid-19, especially for our residents. By following basic infection control measures, abiding by physical distancing guidelines and leveraging improved access to testing, we can substantially reduce the risk of community transmission. But we can’t do it unless all of us — associates, residents, and family members work together.

The Safer Together Program combines all of our knowledge about managing this virus and outlines 4 simple steps we can all take to protect one another while allowing as much independence and autonomy for our residents as possible.


STEP 1: Universal Source Control 
Wear masks or face coverings.

STEP 2: Physical Distancing
Remain 6 feet apart as much as possible.

STEP 3: Infection Control
Wash your hands and sanitize frequently.


STEP 4: Testing
Get tested as often as indicated based on the new Maplewood Senior Living Testing Classification System.



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